October 6, 2011

Date Of Birth Correction in SSLC Book

Date Of Birth Correction in SSLC Book

The procedure for correcting the Date of Birth in SSLC book now simplified.

An official application form is uploaded in the websites www.keralapareekshabhavan.in and www.sslcexamkerala.gov.in.
Those who want to apply for correction can log on to the website and download the application form and fill and submit it along with the birth certificate issued by local self government authority [attested by gazetted officer].

Earlier the procedures were complex, that one should produce the birth certificates of siblings, majistrate's acknowledgement and the certificate from the school in which he/she studied for the corrections in SSLC book.
Download application form click here


  1. menan only the birth certificate required for DOB correction?

  2. Now there is an online application for date of birth correction

  3. what all supporting documents they need?

  4. Original and 2 copies of
    -> SSLC certificate
    -> Birth certificate

    Forwarding letter from the school (10th)
    Return request for return back the originals

  5. Online link does not provide that much information.
    Also the links providing the instructions are not available.
    How can we continue with online application?