March 24, 2012

Credit card steal


     Most credit card scam occurs with lost or stolen cards; your credit card account can be robbed in some other ways. They are;
Skimming: Using electronic devices, fraudsters copy actual data from your card’s magnetic strip after it’s handed over to a cashier or shopkeeper. The data is then transferred to another card.
Website Cloning: Crooks create a website that is a clone of the website of a genuine company. You log on to the clone and innocently give away your card details. Some thieves lure customers by creating a site purporting to offer bargain basement prices.
Account take over: A crook obtain your card details illegally, then contacts the card issuing bank, pretending to be you and reports a change of address ,Later he says the card is lost and ask for a replacement to be send to the new address.
Merchant collusion: Cashiers or shop owners pass on details of your card to thieves, or themselves order goods online or by post.


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