March 3, 2013

Property Tax(Building Tax)Rates in Kerala(Panchayat,Municipalities and Corporation)

    The Kerala Government has revised the building tax structure, which will now be based on the floor area, instead of the annual rental value. The tax will be determined at a fixed rate per square metre. Besides, the zone where the building is located, road connectivity, the size of the building, the roof, the type of the floor and walls and the age of the building will be taken into consideration while calculating the tax.There will be varying rates for rural, municipal and corporation areas. In panchayats, the rate will be from Rs 3 to Rs 8 per square metre, while it will be between Rs 6 and Rs 15 in municipalities. In corporations, the rate will be between Rs 8 and Rs 20 per square metre.

     The huts of poor people, the houses under the EMS Housing Project and those houses made available from Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Fisheries Departments have been exempted from tax. Also, houses with a floor area up to 30 square metres will not attract tax.

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