March 17, 2013

Water Bill Online:Kerala

                                                                         The Kerala Water Authority (KWA) has introduced an online bill payment facility
To facilitate online payment, one has to register on the Kerala Water Authority e-Payment Service website using the ‘Consumer ID’ and ‘Consumer Number’ given on the water bill. The payments can be made through Credit / Debit Cards or through existing Bank accounts as the service has been integrated with An additional charge of Rs.10/- per transaction will be levied for net banking or 2% of the transaction value for Credit Cards.
                             For Spot Billing KWA will use Palm Held Devices for on-the-spot meter reading and generating bill. Reduced manual errors in reading-taking, posting and billing, prompt services by the machines, energy saving by the reduced usage of PC’s and printers, less manpower for data transfer and posting are some of the benefits envisaged. With the launch of Centralised Billing for Local Body, billing will be done centrally, still maintaining the facility for remittance at any Division. KWA is building its own WAN network across Kerala with KSWAN as backbone and once completed would enable roll out of centralised billing for all customers.
                                   The present software called e-ABACUS has been developed in-house by DBA team though the initial software ABACUS (Advanced Billing, Accounting and Collection Utility System) was designed and developed by NIC Kerala. Modules like integration with Friends, collection through Bank and online payment have already been commissioned and are working successfully. About 2,000 individual customers in Trivandrum are already using this service