December 22, 2013

Registration of birth&death of Indian citizens outside India

The Indian Consulates re gister the births and deaths  of the Indian Citizens
occurring outside India as per the  provisions made in the Citizens
(Registration of India Consulate) Ru les, 1956 under the Citizenship Act 1955
and issue the birth and death certificates. Under section 20(2) of the RBD act,
the Indian Citizens have  also been allowed to regi ster the births of their
children at the place of their usual resi dence within 60 days after their return
to India if they return with a view to setting here. After expiry of the aforesaid
period, the provisions of the Section 13(3) of the Act will be applicable.

Registration of death is not covered under Section 20(2). The Section 20(1) of
the RBD act provides that the Registrar General, India subject to the Rules
made in this behalf, cause to be registered the information  of such births and
deaths received by him under the Citizens (Registrations at India Consulate)
Rules, 1956 and those under Section 20(2)  of the RBD Act would take care of
registration of all such events and hence it would not be necessary to frame
any Rule on the subject. 

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