February 23, 2015


 In all cases of transfer of ownership of a building in the tax register of a Panchayat, application for the same shall be submitted in writing and signed by the party or parties. The application may be sent by post or be submitted in person or through an authorised agent.

Documents required for Ownership Change.

Application for Building Ownership Change after Purchasing the Property
(i) Attested copy of registered deed.
(ii) Form No.59 from Sub Registrar office.
(iii) Application from Previous owner.
(iv) Land tax receipt from village office
(v) Possession certificate from village office.
On Hereditary Cases (Received from Parents/Husband/....)
(i) Deed of hereditary
(ii) An Affidavit for authentication of deed.
(iii) Copy of Death Certificate.
(iv) Legal Heirship Certificate from Tahsildar.
(v) Possession certificate from village office.
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