March 1, 2015


   A tool for Project Formulation, Implementation and Reporting. It contains Project List, Validation, Expenditure Report, Project Report, Implementing Officerwise Report, Mandatory Projects, Sectorwise Report, Plan Fund Report, MG Fund Report, Project Summary, Bill Maker, TR 59, Requisition, Authorisation, Proceedings, DD Chalan, Allotment, Contingent Bill, Project Register, Completion Report, ACR, Joint Venture Projects Shares, etc.[Continue reading and download click read full..]
Courtesy:Manoj Mukundan 

A tool for dealing all tasks related to project works
To prepare Annual Projects and correct Validation
                 Project List, Validation
To do with expenditures
                 Requisition, Authorisation, Proceedings, TR 59B, Allotment, Chalan, DD Slip
To get frequently asked Reports
                Project Report, Dev.Fund & MG Progress Report, Implementing Officer wise Report,
                Sectorwise Reprot, Mandatory Projects, Expenditure Report, Spill Over Report etc.
                and Project Register

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