June 1, 2015


Local Self Government Institutions (LSGIs) in Kerala, in the course of carrying out itsadministrative and developmental responsibilities, have to procure Goods, Assets and Services invarious contexts. The Goods, Assets and Services are procured by LSGIs for performingadministrative and mandatory functions, by utilising own sources of funds and funds that are setapart in the approved projects of LSGI during a specified financial year.Procurement of LSGI is not the sole responsibility of any particular designated Officer of theLocal Self Government Institution, but officers of institutions of LSGIs, including the Secretary ofthe LSGI, Elected Representatives and various Stakeholders are responsible for carrying out suchProcurement. This Manual incorporates all aspects of functional procedures for the Officers andall other Stake holders, in carrying out procurements that is applicable to all LSGI in the State

Chapter Particulars Page No
1 Introduction 1-13
1.1 Background
1.2 Objectives
1.3 Definitions
1.4 Scope and Applicability
1.5 General Principles of Procurement
1.6 Procurement Process
1.7 Committee Systems for Procurements
1.7.1 Procurement Plan Committee
1.7.2 Procurement Committee
1.7.3 Committee for Beneficiary Purchase
1.7.4 Committee for Procurement of Toy & Play materials
1.8 Directions from Government
2 Procurement Plan 15-21
2.1 Purchase Need Identification
2.2 Deciding Type, Specifications and Cost
2.3 Identify the Supplier or Service Consultant
2.4 Budget Provision
2.5 Mode of Procurement
2.6 Annual Procurement Plan
2.7 Approval
2.8 Proactive Disclosure
3 Execution of Procurement 22-37
3.1 Petty Purchase
3.1.1 Conditions of Petty Purchase
3.2 Procurements through Quotation
3.3 Procurements through Limited Tender
3.4 Procurement through Limited Tender
3.4.1 Applicability
3.4.2 Open Tender Notice Preparation of Open Tender Notice Publication of Open Tender Notice e-Procurement Open Tender Forms Time limit
3.4.3 Execution of Open Tender
3.4.4 Rejection of Tenders
3.5 Single Tender
3.5.1. Applicability
3.5.2. Justification of Single Tender
3.5.3. Single Tendering Process
3.6 Purchase through Running Contract
3.6.1 Applicability
3.6.2 Terms and Conditions
3.7 Purchase through Rate Contract

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