July 17, 2015


   Released Pay fixation Consultant software for the fixation of Pay in the revised scale as per the recommendation of the X Pay Revision Commission. As per the recommendation no option is allowed. However option finder is also included to understand whether any loss occurred in the fixation of pay without option. 
     An excel based programmed work sheet for the calculation and fixation of pay of Kerala Govt. employees and Teachers in the revised scale as per the recommendations of the Tenth Pay Revision Commission

  • One File needed for up to 100 employees
  • Add, Edit and Delete function
  • Highly validated to avoid errors
  • Data import and Clear Data function
  • View and print Pay Fixation Statement
  • Best option to realise whether the option facility will be beneficial or not
  • Attractive Graphic and user friendly                                                      

 Courtesy :Saffeeq.M.P
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