November 29, 2015


You are welcome to be an author of this blog….!

"Share Your Knowledge" is an effort to make
applications, software, formats, govt. orders. Etc.  freely available to all who are looking for it.

Power point presentations / training class notes / Letter, notice formats etc.:- for this blog and inform anyone from anywhere!

Your knowledge in the field of your expertise will not be limited to your institution anymore! 
We need you to spread information.

Join this effort to contribute, to learn or just to share your knowledge. For more details, please follow the link below.
What will you get?

We cannot offer you any compensation for your service in order to keep this blog free for all. However, you will be duly acknowledged.

Guidelines for Guest Posting
  • Topic selection: Related to Kerala Govt: Service,Local self Govt Dept.
  • Be creative and unique: The post must be unique in every regard, free of duplicate content. Avoid redundancy in explanations.
  • Include your bio-data: Send in your full name, your office address, and Phone no.
How to submit ?
Once you are done, send us your document at .

Click here to upload your files==>

“Knowledge is most useful when liberated and shared”
Hair care for you !

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