March 1, 2015


1)      Obtain Non availability certificate from Panchayat where birth to be registered
2)      If birth takes pace in hospital, Affidavit from hospital authority  stating details of birth
3)      Submit  documents 1 & 2 to Revenue Divisional Officer (RDO) along with a request  in white paper by father/mother
4)      RDO will issue letter to village officer for enquiry of birth
5)      Enquiry report of village officer
6)      Affidavit from father in Rs.100 stamp paper duly notarized( format will provide from RDO office)
7)      Letter from Father residing  Panchayat  stating birth not registered there(Not non availability certificate. Only letter in letter head of panchayat)
8)      Letter from Mother  residing  Panchayat  stating birth not registered there.(If birth takes place in hospital located other than both these panchayats)
9)      Submit  5,6,7 &8 to RDO office
10)  RDO will issue order to Panchayat  to register birth
11)  Give application to panchayat to issue birth certificate
(How to get Non Availability Certificate ? Click here)


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